Patient Perspectives On Clinical Trials

California Retina Research Foundation is proud to be able to offer patients on the Central Coast access to national clinical trials that could improve their vision. Participating in a clinical trial is a unique experience and it requires patients to spend extra time in our office undergoing additional procedures. Yet, nearly all who participate agree the benefits of taking part in a clinical trial far outweigh the risks and added time. While the trials may improve their vision, many participants enroll to help future patients suffering from similar conditions.

One patient who received a surgical implant in order to receive sustained Lucentis for her wet AMD rather than receive monthly injections admitted that she had initial concerns about participating:

“In the very beginning I was excited, but then I started reading all the things involved in the study. It was a process in my head to decide if the commitment would be worth it. After considering options, I’m confident that participating is the best choice.”

Another patient who is halfway through a trial comparing Lampalizumab vs. sham for the treatment of dry AMD told CRC,

“I was impressed initially with the attitude of the staff. I felt like the study would benefit so many people, including myself, so it’s been extremely worthwhile. There are so few medical facilities today that are caring, and yours happens to be one of them.”

Please ask your physician about your eligibility to participate in an ongoing or upcoming clinical trial.